Rick Allen 30 Second Commercial Coach photoRick Allen has been a public speaker for nearly 50 years. He has built a successful legal service and business consulting agency through professional networking over the past 10 years. Business owners and entrepreneurs hire Rick to help them craft, clarify and tell their story with passion and gather their tribe around a few, well articulated and action-inspiring words that will position them as a favored leader and authority in their field. Knowing what to say, how to say it, when to say it, and when to refrain from words altogether are key communication components. A mediocre company whose message is well communicated can easily outperform a superior company whose message falls short in clarity, authority, polish, and that dash of defining pizzazz. Rick publishes content about speaking skills under the brand 30 Second Commercial Coach on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook and he is a speaker coach. Rick is a father, grandfather, and lives with his high school sweetheart and wife of 45 years in Ahwatukee, Arizona.

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